SNP COSMETICS Eye & Facial Nourishing Cream Mini

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A skin care line with gold combination of peptides that enhances skin vitality and hyaluronic acid that deeply moisturizes. PEPtide + hyaluRONIC = PEPTARONIC. Each SNP mini contains high-functional materials such as ceramides, hyaluronic acid, glutathione, propolis, and other substances.

This is an eye & facial cream suitable for entire face to firmly build skin health from deep within, with 4 kinds of peptides included in the product. It can also recharge skin energy with Glutathione, which transforms dark complexioned skin into a brighter one.

4 kinds of Amino Acids (synthesis of human body’s protein component) and Peptides are contained to firmly fill the skin to effectively absorb the product in all skin types and to help to improve skin health. Containing Glutathione, one of the most important ingredients for whitening skin injection, this cream can help dull skin to become brighter and more clear.

Each SNP mini type comes with its own set of unique features and benefits that you can pick and choose to directly meet your skin care needs. As an added bonus, each product is designed as a multi-purpose, multi-functional skin care product that can be mixed and matched with your other favorite skin care products. CONVENIENT TRAVEL SIZE & SPOUT POUCH Spout pouch packaging is becoming very popular because of its convenience. Now you can enjoy the same convenience with the SNP mini line since each pack comes with a resealable spout pouch. Take just the right amount for your weekend getaway without lugging around a huge bag of skin care and cosmetics. Slim enough to fit inside a clutch, or even your back pocket, you can take the an SNP mini wherever you go.

Quantity: 25 ml

SNP COSMETICS Eye & Facial Nourishing Cream Mini
SNP COSMETICS Eye & Facial Nourishing Cream Mini
SNP COSMETICS Eye & Facial Nourishing Cream Mini
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