Mediheal Meience SuperFood Sheet-mask Set of 4

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Mediheal Meience Blackbean Tea - 1 Unit

This Mediheal sheet mask contains black bean extract, caviar and black sesame which can give a glowing effect on the face after use. In addition to providing a glowing and dewy effect, black been is also able to detoxify the skin and prevent skin cancer because black Aloe has anti-cancer properties.

This sheet mask sheet is processed using bamboo charcoal and the rayon sheet does not undergo a drying process so it can provide softness and optimization that fits the skin. This sheet mask can be used for all skin types, especially for very dull skin.

Mediheal Meience Nattogum - 1 Unit

This sheet mask is made from soy extract which can shrink pores and increase skin elasticity. The sheet used for this Mediheal sheet mask is Tencell Cupra, both of which are very easy to apply to facial skin.

The soy extract content in the sheet mask - sticky type, pore tightenter.

 can be used as a natural moisturizer that can soften and soothe facial skin, so it can be used for combination skin. This sheet mask can help moisturize dry skin areas and simultaneously control oil levels in oily areas.

Mediheal Meience Tofu Milk - 1 Unit

A sheet mask with an essence that can soothe irritated skin from the influence of the outside environment, while fermenting bifida lysate and yeast ingredients, creates a skin barrier and supplies nutritional, healthy energy to the skin.

The sheet used in this sheet mask is Bella sheet, which is soft and fits nicely on the skin. With 3 layers of embossed bamboo sheets, it enhances the essence delivered to the skin and provides softness and an optimal fit to the skin. Mediheal sheet mask is highly recommended for skin types that are experiencing irritation, and those who want to prevent premature aging can also use it.

Mediheal Meience Projelly - 1 Unit

This Meience Projelly sheet mask has a very complex formula, containing honey, propolis and hyaluronic acid which can help moisturize and soothe the skin. In addition, this sheet mask also contains extracts of Hamamelis virginiana, Brassica napus and Inonotus obliquus which can hydrate and treat the skin optimally to get a moisturized skin testure.

The sheets used in the manufacture of sheet masks are linen sheets, because they have high absorption power so they can replace organic cotton. This sheet mask is highly recommended for dry and rough skin types.

Quantity: 25ml X 4

Made in Korea

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