Matrigen Cellular Detox Solution (Bio Cellulose Mask single unit)

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MATRIGENCellular Detox Solution (Bio Cellulose Mask) 

What is Bio Cellulose Mask? 

Fermented natural coconut jelly which is also called “Biocellulose”. The bio cellulose mask differs from ordinary fabric and gel-shaped masks in that it has a similar structure to skin protein, which is considered the third generation and contains 10 times more active substances than ordinary fabric masks. It gives to skin full nutrition and hydration. The mask contains natural raw materials that can be used for the most sensitive skin types

Effect of Bio Cellulose Mask

- Whitening

- Soothing

- Anti-aging

- Moisturizing

- Regenerating

- Detoxing 

Bio Cellulose Mask – Regenerating Moisturizing   


  • Excrete toxins & waste in skin. 

  • Supply skin with Sufficient moisturizing and nutritional ingredients.

  • Anti-ageing

Zanthoxylum Piperitum Fruit Extract

Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action to relieve inflammation

 Vitamin C and tocopherol are abundant to prevent whitening, skin protection, and aging

 Portulaca Oleracea Extract

Prevent dryness of skin with excellent moisturizing power

Relax skin, relieve irritation, help skin improve in clarity.

 - High anti-inflammatory effect, mainly used in troubles, acne and sensitive cosmetics

 Pulsatila Koreana Extract

 Excellent antibacterial & antiseptic, used as a natural preservative

 - Effectively lowering the heat of the skin to help calm down

 - Saponin ingredients in roots help keep skin healthy and  supple

Hamamelis Virginiana(WitchHazel) Extract

Helps promote circulation of skin regeneration cycle and helps to improve new skin layer

 Protect skin by enhancing immunity from harmful substances on the outside    

Reduce heat and relieve itching

 Prevent skin aging by active oxygen

How To Use?

1. After facial cleansing, use skin lotion , to make skin texture

2. Open the mask and apply it evenly to the skin

3. Remove mask after 15~20 minutes

4. Absorbs the remaining ingredients on the skin by tapping lightly.

Biocellulose mask

Quantity: 25gm

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