KLAIRS Chemical/Physical Sunscreen SPF 50 PA ++++

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Physical SunscreenPhysical Sunscreen
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How is Physical sunscreen & Chemical sunscreen different?  BOTH ARE SPF 50 PA ++++

 If you follow skincare, you would apply sunscreen religiously. But, can you pinpoint the different types of sunscreen and how they are different in character and skin benefits? Before we jump into curating the best sunscreen for you from Klairs.
Let’s learn the difference between the two. 

 klairs physical sunscreen insert image 2The characteristic of ‘chemical Suncreen

klairs physical sunscreen insert image 3The characteristic of ‘physical sunscreen’

  Chemical Sunscreen 

 Chemical sunscreen and physical sunscreen both have their own benefits and drawbacks. The preference between the two highly depends on one’s personal skin types, conditions and preference in texture and effect on the skin. Chemical sunscreen usually 1) contains organic compounds and 2) is absorbers of UV rays as it absorbs into the skin when applied. Think of it as a sun protector that protects the skin from UV rays with chemical reaction beneath the surface of the skin. Chemical sunscreens tend to 3) come with lighter and non-sticky texture and 4) spreads more easily than physical sunscreen. However since it absorbs into the skin and it has the chance to clog the pores and must be applied minutes before you step out to the sun. 

Physical Sunscreen

 For physical sunscreen, it 1) contains active mineral ingredients such as titaninum dioxide or zinc dioxide which functions on the surface of the skin. It 2) offers protection against both UVA and UVB rays and is generally a broad-spectrum. Since it 3) works on the surface of the skin and doesn’t seap into the skin, it is 4) less likely to be pore-clogging. If you are in a rush reach out for a physical susncreen to make sure your skin is protected from the rays of sun. However, unlike chemical sunscreen, it can rub off or be removed due to sweats so reapplication every few hours is a must. Also, expect to witness a tone-up effect on the skin when it comes to physical sunscreen. The level of tone-up differs among different sunscreen products. 

 Best of the best: Klairs Soft Airy UV Essence vs Klairs Mid day Blue UV Shield

 Yes, like mentioned above, both chemical and physical sunscreen both have their own set of pros and cons. So it all comes down to figuring out which type works better on your skin and finding the one that really minimized the cons. And brand like Klairs really managed to come up with sunscreen that managed to compromise the dissatisfaction customers might have. 

 So, how are they different?


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