FARMSTAY Shining Silk Repair Hair Mask

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FARMSTAY Shining Silk Repair Hair Mask contains wheat protein, collagen, and keratin to keep the oil and moisture balance of hair and quickly nourishes and repairs damaged hair.

- If you want a shiny silky hair! You must apply it! - It is a hair mask that contains wheat protein, collagen, and keratin ingredients to maintain the balance of oil and moisture in the hair and quickly fills the hair with nutrients to care for damaged hair. 1. Fast effect! Make moist and silky hair / Care for damaged hair with silkiness - When applied to the hair and rinsed after 2-3 minutes, the components of the hydrolyzed collagen and keratin fill the holes of the damaged hair and form a protective film to help maintain a moist and silky smooth hair. 2. 3-step protein management system! Care at once with a hair mask! - From the inside of the hair, it is filled with nutrients with collagen and keratin ingredients, and it also provides nutrition to the rough cuticles due to damage to low-molecular-weight proteins and centella extracts, and the outer surface of the hair is coated with olive oil and ceramide NP to manage without cell gap. 3. Definite effect as if you have been to the Hair shop! Quick care with easy home care! - After a day's work, it can be easily used in the shower, providing fresh protein to the inside of damaged hair for quick care.

* Wheat protein forming a protective film -Wheat protein contains a large amount of vitamin B1, which rejuvenates skin's elasticity, blocks moisture loss, penetrates wrinkles and pores, prevents drying, and forms a protective film to help remove skin wrinkles

* Hydrolyzed marine collagen that gives hair elasticity and absorbs quickly -It is a substance obtained by hydrolyzing proteins contained in skin from animal bones, cartilage, etc., which makes elastic cell tissue and helps to maximize the fiber density of skin. It also prevents aging and wrinkles. It is a safe ingredient that helps prevent static electricity by filling the hair with moisture when absorbed by the hair.

 How To Use?

After shampoo, take a generous amount of hair pack and apply it evenly over the entire hair and rinse thoroughly after 2-3 minutes.

Quantity: 120 ml

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